Add interest to your room with lighting

 Fixer upper dining room - Image from Pinterest

Fixer upper dining room - Image from Pinterest

The lighting styles can have impact on your home’s look. Chandeliers can flatter your home’s existing decor while having a look of its own. You also need to find a fixture that won't become outdated within a year. Unlike art or wall decor, light fixtures require more effort to change; so take your time selecting the right one for you. The good news is there is a wide variety of options available, and a sphere chandelier is one of my favorite options

Hanging a sphere chandelier in your kitchen makes sense. The kitchen is the heart of the home and the lighting needs to be bright but not overpowering. This sphere chandelier provides the perfect balance of light and shadow to give you a beautiful effect that will make your kitchen more welcoming than ever.

Your foyer is the first introduction to your home and the lighting is very important. For many, the light in the foyer is the first that they see upon entering the home, and this lovely chandelier is a perfect choice for combining beauty with functionality.

My favorite location for adding a spherical light is in the living room. It is where we gather and spend time together as a family, and relax after work. The importance of quality, attractive lighting in your living room cannot be overstated. This fixture itself should draw the eye but not take over the room.

Designing the look of your space should be the best part. When choosing a light fixture, keep your style in mind or hire a designer to give you a style direction. If you're stuck on a space, contact Muse to take your space from embarrassing to a room ripped out of the pages of your favorite design magazine.