Merging Design Styles

 Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Our homes are our personal sanctuary, but once in a while we open our sanctuary to allow others in. A new partner or spouse, a roommate or two, and chances are they aren't coming alone. They bring in their items, and you have yours: so what stays, what goes, and what gets tucked away in storage? Its a tricky thing to merge items and styles, just be ready for the process.

Many of us care about achieving a cohesively designed spaces that speaks to who they are. This may cause conflict typically in the decision making process, so start the conversation early by talking about how you want each room to look and feel. Don't get into the small details just yet though. Discuss design and style as you may have a different idea of what a each style really means and what it looks like. Research inspirational images and make note of what you like and why. 

Good design is about creating a lifestyle for you in your home. When you share your space with someone else, Consider how to keep your personal items stored away. Not everything you own needs to be in the open, so look for multi-functional furniture pieces for hiding the items you don't want out.

Develop creative design solutions for your design challenges. If you want to paint, and your partner wants wallpaper, maybe cover the lower half of the wall in the wall paper and cover the top in paint. Maybe you cover one wall in wall paper. Be open and collaborate.

Shop together, not only can you get ideas of what the other likes, but it is great for bonding. It doesn't have to be a big ordeal, time consuming, or expensive. By some bathroom towels, or shelves for the living room. Just do it together and be open. 

If you're having a hard time visualizing a cohesive space, no worries. Muse Interior Design is capable of walking you through the tough decisions. I will collaborate with homeowners and their partners or roommates to guide you through the decisions. You'll get a visual of the finished space that is pleasing for everyone.