Don't rely on the internet for final selections


I previously worked with a client who wanted a new look to her kitchen. We have talked about a full remodel, but that was more investment than she wanted to commit to. We opted to refinish the existing cabinets, paint the space and upgrade the counters and backsplash. She kept texting me photos of kitchens she found, and they all had darker wall colors, which she thought were perfect, but I had to remind her the colors wouldn't work in her small kitchen; and here's why.

Photos found online are more tools to guide you to find a look for your space. Keep in mind as you are looking on product sites, that these are professionally taken photos. The lighting is set for a professional shoot, and do not take your interior into account. An image of a deep gray interior may look good online, but in your home it can have the potential to make your space look heavy.

Now I hear you saying "but I like that interior." I'm not telling you you can't have it. You may need to adjust the look for your home. Lighting plays a big role in any interior and you may have to address your lighting to create that look you want. If you aren't planning on updating the lighting, here is a bit of advice that I have been passing along to clients for years.

For paint colors, find the color you love and a shade darker and lighter. Pick a section of your room that gets all stages of light. Prep and paint a section that is about 12"x12", but make sure this area gets hit by natural and artificial light throughout the day. See what it looks like with bright light from the sun and lighting from your fixtures at night. This will give you the best idea of which color is right. 


When it comes to fabrics, textiles, and draperies-if you aren't ordering something custom-buy it and keep your receipt. Treat it like your paint, lay it out in your room or find a way to hang it (without damaging it) and look at it in various lights. If it doesn't work return it. Going custom? Order a sample and see how that looks, or work with a designer to get the right look.

While photo quality is so much better than it was when I opened Muse Interior Design, photos can't give you the full experience of the product. Photos can't portray the feel of the texture under your hand. Nor can an image give you the look of the paint as the sun rises in your kitchen. Take a little time, and get a little help from a designer. It's a good investment!

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