How to create a stylish vignette

What is a vignette?

Hall Simple.jpg

It's something that you see all the time. Stylish displays of products or grouping decor, that is what a vignette is. I like to think of it as pairing decor items to create a design 'moment" - something that says a little something about you. The best thing is it can be effortless and evolve with seasons or if you find that one piece that you can't live without. Here are a few tips for creating a designer vignette in your home.

Find an appropriate location

There is no right or wrong in placing a vignette, just keep in mind the location and the scale of the items. Would you really want a bunch of small items on the floor at the end of the hall or a bunch of tall vases on your dining table? 

Variety is the way to go

If you're looking to create interest, add pieces with varying heights, shapes, colors, etc. Don't get all matchy! Create a theme and go for it. Also when grouping items together, place them in collections of odd numbers. It creates more interest.

Take a step back

You've placed your items and it doesn't look like you wanted it to. Put the decor down and step away! Being up close and personal with your vignette is great, but to really look at it, back away a good three feet. This will allow you to look at the layers of the look and find what's missing or isn't right. Also look at the displayed items from across the room or sitting in a chair. Removing yourself from the immediate area will really allow you to appreciate your stylish vignette.

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