Design trends that will never go out of style

Mantle interior 2.jpg


This is by far my favorite approach to design, and to call it a trend is almost criminal. As a designer, I love incorporating natural elements in all of my designs. Whether it's a wood accent wall, or a vignette featuring organic accessories; bring a bit of nature into your home. Earthy colors, textured pieces, or organic patterns bring an energy to your space; and a connection to nature.


Rich and lush, jewel tones set the stage for any room. Deep sapphire accents are featured in designer interiors. Regal amethyst elements are seen in magazine ads. Even emerald greens are making a big comeback in homes from art to accents. 


Classic and cool, white interiors are a trend we can get behind. Featured in various interiors, this trend was a renter's nightmare. Now even homeowners are creating designer interiors that feature white walls, white furniture, and white accessories. Pinterest features a variety of white interiors for design inspiration.