Simple changes you can make to transform your Bedroom

Bedroom furniture w-bedding 1.jpg

Updating a space should be fun and exciting. Selecting pieces that accentuate your style and speak to who you are goes much deeper than bedding or pillows. It's creating your own soothing oasis that you want to go to at the end of a long day. Here are a couple quick tips to take that bedroom from a room to your personal sanctuary.

Add accent furniture

While your bedroom should be just a place for sleeping some of us use it for reading and relaxing. Why not set op a little reading area? Add in a comfy accent chair and a little side table for a cozy getaway within your room. Don't have the room? A small stool that can be stored in a corner is a great way to add seating without taking up too much room.

Keep your room free of clutter

I am as guilty of this as so many are. My bedside table is a cube shelving unit, and there are so many books and boxes on display that it is a real eyesore to look at. Instead of open storage, use small nightstands with drawers or doors for putting away all that clutter. Better yet consider just a small table where there isn't much room for clutter.

Add an area rug

If you have a small space, a simple way to change the room is to add a rug. Not only can it make the room look bigger, but it can create visual weight in the space, making everything feel grounded. If there are wood floors in your room it can keep your feet warm and add a personal touch. Just make sure to find an appropriate sized rug for your space.

Art is essential

In a bedroom, nothing changes the space quicker than artwork...ok maybe a couple coats of paint. But if you can't paint artwork is the way to go. I often lean toward abstracts, as they add a colorful or textural look to a space. Mirrors are another option, and I recommend hanging them on the same wall as your bed, but not above it. This is because mirrors can add visual weight to the wall, and - at certain angles - it appears as thought there are more people in your room. 

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