Simple ways to incorporate modern farmhouse style to your home


Modern farmhouse has become one of the most popular design trends. It’s rustic country styling with a contemporary touch – using traditional elements while giving them a chic, upgraded twist. Using this style is a simple way to evoke a warm and cozy space.

Common elements in this style include reclaimed wood, barn board details, metal accents and vintage accessories. If you’re interested in achieving this stylish and timeless design theme, consider the following tips:

Keep colors light
Add more neutral color palette with different shades of cream, beige, gray and off white, then pick one accent to incorporate like blue, green or plum.

Utilize natural textures
Mixing woods and metals is a simple way to bring this style to life. A mix of of fabrics like cotton, canvas, wool completes the modern farmhouse feel without getting too busy.

Don’t forget rustic accents
Whether in the kitchen hardware, light fixtures around the house or accessories in the bathroom, make use of wrought iron, metals and white wash pieces throughout your space to achieve this timeless design scheme.

When you are ready to add this style to your home, contact Muse Interior Design. I am currently working on a couple of farmhouse designs, and will find creative solutions to bring this style to life in your home.