Style your throw pillows like a designer

I have enough throw pillows to fill a linen closet, and I’m not ashamed of it. There are those that would say less is more and some believe there is such a thing as too many pillows. I believe that layering pillows creates a more luxurious seating area no matter the number of pillows. Grouping pillows can be overwhelming, especially with all the options out there, but here are some simple tips to adding throw pillows and styling them like a pro.

Bed wall - Teal.jpg

Simple layering

The easiest guideline is larger pillows in back, smaller in front.  Place a 22”-24” square in the back, a smaller 18”-20” pillow in front, then one lumbar or featured pillow in front and BAM! When it comes to colors, pull colors you already have in the room, and don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures. Balance it all out with solids to allow the interesting pillows to take center stage.

 Proposed pillow grouping for client’s bedroom

Proposed pillow grouping for client’s bedroom

Mix the Patterns

One thing to keep in mind, make sure that the size of the patterns are not competing with each other.  Mix a larger pattern with a smaller pattern, and add a solid. When you’re done take a step back, if something looks off…it probably is.

Less can be more

If you don’t like patterns play with texture.  Velvet can pair well with linen, silk, or a chunky wool. Pillows can add variety so you don’t have to have matching colors. Your pillows should share a similar color palette, but maybe a lighter shade won’t hurt the over all look.