Designing with Muse

With my design expertise and creative advice, your design package starts with a questionnaire, which includes uploading photos and a floor plan of your room and any inspiration photos or Pinterest boards you may have. If you have multiple rooms to do, or want an in-person design, contact us for a personalized package built just for you. 


What I need from you

1.  FILL OUT THE QUESTIONNAIRE. This helps me to understand your needs, wants, direction for the space.

2.  PHOTOGRAPH YOUR SPACE. Photograph all 4 walls of the room from side to side and ceiling to floor.

3.  TAKE PHOTOS OF EXISTING FURNITURE. Take photos of items you want to keep include height, width, and depth.

4.  MEASURE ROOM AND CREATE DRAWINGS. Measure the room and record on paper as if you were looking down. Next, measure each wall indicating door openings, window locations, electrical outlets, and AC vents.  The accuracy of this information will aid in the best furniture placement possible.

If you live in the Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA metro area, and would like your space measured for you, let me know (additional fee will apply).

5.  GATHER INSPIRATION IMAGES. Include 3 or 4 images of rooms that you have found that show how you would like your room to look and feel.

6.  UPLOAD MATERIALS. Once these preliminary tasks are completed, you can scan all your items and upload the information and send them on their way to

7.  CHECK EMAIL INBOX. Make sure to check your email periodically for messages regarding your project. 

Once you’ve completed the application, I will send you a link for payment. After your payment is received, I create an initial concept board based on all your information, and will give you a timeline for the project. We'll converse back and forth via email during the revision period. Over this period, you get two revisions. Once our revision period has ended, I will work on delivering your final design package. It’s like having personal interior design arrive in your email to complete the room of your dreams.

What you get from me

Depending on the scope of your project and your selected package, your final design will include, some or all, of the following:

1.  CONCEPT BOARD. This board allows you to visualize how all of the items relate to each other and give you a sense of how everything works together to create a cohesive space.

2.  INTERIOR LOOK. A digitally produced image of what the finished room will look like. 

3.  FURNITURE PLAN. This spacial drawing will show you where each piece of furniture will be placed.

4.  SHOPPING LIST. List will include all items to be purchased, where they can be purchased, and for what price.

5.  MATERIAL SELECTIONS. If your design calls for fabrics, or paints you will receive a digital sample. All items will be carefully marked as to which furnishings and areas they are intended for. As monitors can vary, Muse recommends you get a physical sample. If you need help with obtaining a sample, please let me know as soon as possible.