Product review : Fjallbo table from IKEA

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The new year has caused a few changes, including a new home. Right as spring decided to make it's way to the northwest, I was busy with my fiancée packing up our items to move to a home that was much more us. We cleaned up and cleared out items and in the process, our coffee table broke for good. With the expense of moving we had to find a table that could just work for now. Solution: the Fjallbo table from IKEA.

I can hear you're a designer, why IKEA. Ugh IKEA. Let me tell you, IKEA has some great products when you are looking for something fast and easy on the pocketbook. This table was similar to another table I had been eyeballing and for 1/3 the price.

We all know that IKEA furniture has to be built and the instructions...forget about it. But that was not the case with this table. It had a handful of pieces and really only required a screwdriver, and was built in under 30 minutes. What's the downside? It is light and I keep accidentally pushing it farther from my sofa with my feet. Also it's pretty narrow; but if you have a smaller space, it's great.

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Product image from

It has a great mix of farmhouse and industrial style, and I'm planning on using at a bench for the foot of my bed once we get our final table. My fiancée and I are very particular on what we want in a coffee table, so our new one will likely be waiting for a while.

So what is the verdict?  4 out of 5

Aesthetics - 5

Quality - 4

Price $ (under $70)   

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