Why E-Designs rock and you should buy now

 First look for client's e-design

First look for client's e-design

Online design or e-design is becoming a big trend. With outlets such as HGTV and design sites becoming so prominent, homeowners and decor enthusiasts are wanting to work with various designers. Interior Design is no longer a luxury service meant for people who can afford it. E-design allows that, and allows you to work with designers that may be in another area or state, but may be more in tune with your design aesthetic.

I can hear you say "so how does it work?" In general, this is the process:

1. You sign up for a design package by answering a questionnaire, provide existing photos, measurements, rough sketch of the floor plan, inspiration images and send all that information to the designer.

2. The designer will likely contact you with any additional questions and information that they may need to put your look together. They may also provide you a timeline of when you may get your lookboard.

3.  Woo hoo! You get your initial look or looks to review for approval. You may go back and forth on the design a couple times on revisions before final approval.

4. Once you approve the design, the designer will send you the final look, a shopping list, floor plan, and potentially any instructions on setting up the space. 

The great thing is the process is typically quick and easy and design packages come with a set fee.