Decorating with throw pillows

We've all been in showrooms and seen furniture with beautiful throw pillows. Then we buy them thinking oh those will go great in my home. When they get there it's a struggle to make them fit in with our existing decor. Or we question if there is too much...the struggle is real. In this blog you'll get a sense of balancing colors and patterns and I'll look at the right number of pillows for you.

Incorporating patterns and colors can be a challenge for many people. When it's done well, it's like magic. However there are cases of pillow tragedies. Here are a couple things to keep in mind. Go for prints in neutral tones. Mix patterns that have at least one color in common.  

When it comes to a style, keep the space in mind. Fuzzy and furry pillows won't work in every space. Consider a couple things when adding unique pillows. If your space is a little more traditional; silk, velvet, or ornate pillows are classic. Modern spaces benefit from clean color palettes for your pillows with large geometric prints. For an eclectic style, tie pillows together with a common color them

Mixing and matching pillows in a stylish way will make your room into a magazine ready space, with just remembering a few tips. Vary the sizes of your pillows, so each pillow can be enjoyed visually. Group pillows carefully by placing two pillows out at the arms and grouping a second pillow with it. I always tell clients don't have so many pillows that you have to keep pulling them off for people to sit down. 3 to 5 pillows is a good place to start.

 Client Submission

Client Submission

Ultimately remember to keep it simple. That’s one rule that you really can’t go wrong with when it comes to decorating with throw pillows. Start with neutrals and add colorful accent. Find pillows that compliment, but you don't have to be matchy matchy! Try different things and see what works for you. Just remember to keep that receipt or ask about return policies, in case that gorgeous pillow in the showroom, doesn't go in your space.