4 Simple tricks to make your small space bigger

I love a design challenge and I know this one well. Rentals and condos tend to have small spaces. These small and compact rooms can present a challenge when designing. It's the battle of what you want versus what you need, while giving the space your own personal style. Luckily I am passing along 4 simple ways to make your small space feel big.

Bigger scale artwork:



When it comes to art, don’t make the mistake of putting small art work all over. In many cases, I see homeowners adding lots of small pieces of art to their walls, which can make the room look cluttered. One large scale piece that takes up a large area of a wall has a dramatic look. It sounds strange to think of one large piece of art making the room bigger, but it is very effective.

Lighten it up:

Dark rooms tend to feel smaller, so if you can't paint, add more lighting. A well lit room will have three layers of lighting; ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting. Ambient will be your overall lighting within a space, while accent lighting is focusing light on a specific area. Task lighting is simply that, lighting a particular area so that you can perform a task, such as lighting your desk.

 Client design board

Client design board

Use a mirror:

A trick as old as time, mirrors are the simplest way to make a space feel larger and brighter. Mirrors reflect space and refract light. Leaning a mirror against wall next to a sitting area can visually expand the seating area. You can also bring the outdoors in by hanging a mirror on a wall across from a window.



Clean your room:

Your mother used to say it all the time, and even as an adult it's true. There isn't enough space to put things to begin with, so you have to be clever with storage. Consider furniture with built in storage, or creating a wall of built in storage. Baskets for paperwork can bring in warmth and texture, while keeping tables and counters free of clutter.

If you have a small space that you want to change and would love and interior designer to help, contact Muse Interior Design.