3 Low price design options to create a new space

Many people look for affordable options when it comes to changing their space. Often designers will tell people to change out lampshades, window treatments, or throw pillows. While these are all good tips, I have a few ideas that I’d like to pass on. Ideas that are low to no cost options.

Change placement of your furniture:
More often, furniture is pushed up against walls to maximize space within a home. I say create a cozy space by putting that couch in the middle of the room. If your living room sofa is in front of the window, move it to another area, and let in the light. There is no right or wrong in trying new furniture placement, because if you don’t like it, you can change it again.

Find accessories in other rooms:
Growing up, my mom was decorating our home. When she got tired of accessories, they made it into other rooms of our house. For only the cost of some spackle and picture hooks; that vintage artwork hanging in your kitchen, can find new life in a grouping with family photos. The paperweight in your home office becomes a part of your glass collection in your living room. Shop your house, because you already know you’ll love what you pick.

Throw on a new color:
Love that lamp, but hate the base color? Nothing a can of paint can change. Many paint stores sell small cans of paint for a reasonable price, which is a low cost alternative to buying new lamps. Even a can of spray paint can take your vintage chair to a modern look for under $10.

Creating a new design for your space doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and these small design decisions can create a major impact. If you are looking for a simple consultation on how you can affordably create a new space, contact Muse Interior Design.