Decorating your rental

Living in a rental can be tough. It's not easy to make a temporary place into your home. As an Interior designer, I understand the importance of being able to customize your home and add your touches. Rentals provide many challenges, but I can tell you, it can be done. 

One of the first things to do is read through your lease and talk to your landlord. Some places may have restrictions such as not being able to put any holes in the wall. Many usually won't allow you to paint. However, some may allow it so long as the walls are back to white when you move out. It never hurts to ask.

When talking about walls, a quick and easy way to bring in some style is through art installations. A large canvas painting or a gallery wall of artwork can bring life to a much needed space. If you're looking to make a small space look bigger, lean a larger wardrobe mirror against a wall. Just remember, don't overcrowd your walls; it could potentially make a small space seem smaller. 

Be creative when it comes to storage. Look outside of the box for options to reign in that clutter. One thing I did was to swap out my dated coat rack with an industrial coat rack with storage boxes. It is a place for mail, bills, books, and of course coats.

Whether you are planning to rent for some time, or are getting ready to find your own home, it's important to feel comfort in your own space. Fill it with items you love. If you are looking for help making your rental your own, give Muse Interior Design a call. We’re happy to help.